Top Notch Hotels for Sale

Top Notch Hotels for Sale

Top Notch Hotels for Sale

Hoteling business is on a roll nowadays. People look for hotels that have the potential for business. Moreover, a series of other factors also count. Some of them are prospects, its current situation, location and many more. Some of the Hotels in the USA are the following:

The Turkey Motel has a business chance for all of you. Looking at its potential for future business, one must avail this opportunity if he/she wants to do business. The asking price for this motel is 100k-250k$. It is a 13 unit apartment which can be used for hoteling purposes as well as some other small scale businesses can also be started in few of the rooms by making offices. Its location is in Quiet residential.

The Lake Kabetogama Resort is also for sale whose demanding price is 1600k Dollars. It has none acres of land and is newly renovated. Due to its vast area, it can give you good money when sold later on. This investment can help you a lot like real estate business is one of the best business that either way provides a good profit. It also consists of a home for the owner.

Established Breakfast Lunch Catering Business In Florida is also For Sale which is yet again, a perfect opportunity. This is just buying and start earning kind of setup. It is located at the south west of Florida. Moreover, it offers classic breakfasts and is famous for its taste. The parking area is also vast. The exact location will only be disclosed to serious buyers. This step has been taken in the wake of privacy issues and confidentiality. The asking price for this is 795000$ whereas its sales revenue is almost 1.327,593 Dollars.

A small family hotel in Ohrid is also up for sale. The asking price for this hotel is 1,023,000. It has 1252 meter square area under roof and 440 meter square of yard. It has a total of four stories. The current assessment of this hotel is 1.1 million euros. The hotel has permission for further constructions as well. The interested persons can contact.

There is a resort town motel in Atlantic City. The asking price of this motel is 995,000 Dollars whereas the sales revenue is in between 2500$ to 500$. It has 23 units, and it is easy to operate and maintain. The condition is excellent, and there isn’t any need to work for almost five years. Owner financing is also available. Don’t miss out this opportunity if you want to earn in the coming years.

These are some of the opportunities where a previous investment can help you earn millions of dollars in the longer run. Things that need to be kept in mind while looking for hotels should be the following. First of all, the current situation of the hotel should be checked. Whether the hotel is doing well or not needs to be known. What are the prospects? Will the hotel payback in the long run? Is it risk-free? Can this building be used in other projects if a hotel doesn’t work well? These questions need to be answered.

The price is the prime factor while buying a hotel. If the rates are reasonable, then a hotel can be purchased and be even used for other projects. Some people buy hotels and hold them for a while. After that, they sell that at higher rates and earn a profit. This technique can also be used. If you want to buy hotels, you can take our help. We will help you in getting a reasonable hotel with better prospects.


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