Real Estate Agent Vs The Lender – who should you contact first?

Real Estate Agent Vs The Lender

Real Estate Agent Vs. The Lender – who should you contact first?

This is a very excellent question as most persons are curious to know when is the right time to contact a real estate agent or search for a lender. This is usually an ordeal for people who are buying their homes for the first time. Most of them just do not know the right step to take. Well, one thing for sure is that even if it seems logical to you, finding a home first is a wrong step.

To take it straight home, it is highly recommended and advisable that you get in touch with your real estate agent first before you finally get to the side who your mortgage lender will be. Of course, getting a loan is important. While that may be true, a real estate agent has a more important role to play here. In the entire transaction, the mortgage is just one of the parts. With a real estate agent, you will be able to locate a lender quicker. However, a lender will experience more difficulties in helping you to locate a good real estate agent.

In the database of many top agents, you’ll find a wide range of lending companies, as well as, lenders whom they happen to have a working relationship with. Then again, with an agent, you stand the higher chance of being referred to a mortgage lender that has the experience and history which shows that they can provide you with favorable loans. If you contact your lender first, then, you will be referred to agents that they regularly get deals from. These agents may not be credible and you do not want that to happen to you.

Ensure that you get in touch with an agent first

Real estate agents happen to be very busy persons. This applies to the top agents and these are the people that you need to have on your side. Busy agents have a lot on their hands and this proves their experience. With the experience of your agent, most problems associated with the USA real estate can be avoided. Endeavor to carry out an interview in other to decide the best agent.

Get in touch with a real estate agent and schedule a meeting at the office. During the meeting, be open and transparent about what your needs are and let them know that you are conducting interviews before deciding what agents to hire. Of course, they will be very understanding. Then again, you can carry out an agent interview via a phone call.

Human beings are made up of different personalities. This applies to real estate agents too. You will definitely come across agents that you do not like and agents that you like. In the event that you come across an agent you do not like, there’s no need apologizing. You need to ensure that you pick a real estate agent that you are comfortable with as this will guarantee a better working relationship.


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