Always one of the best hotels in London

When you ask connoisseurs to name the best hotel in London, one name keeps coming up: this is the Connaught Hotel. If you ever have the chance to stay there, take it with both hands. You may be wondering how the Connaught Hotel is so special and is almost always ranked high, and it’s an amalgam of things, some of which are not obvious.

First and very obviously, this is the level of service, very discreet, very discreet, very effective, from the staff always courteous.

Second, the atmosphere is not so obvious, but it is clear when you think about it. The Connaught Hotel has a club atmosphere, which may be due to the fact that the staff is almost so loyal and the service so long that they are like old servants in the best way possible.

The clientele seems to have a certain class. They seem to be the kind of people with old values ​​who are naturally attracted to the Connaught atmosphere. It may seem a bit confusing if you let it go for the first time, but in no time you will be imbued with the real sense of belonging, this is the easy way to join the Connaught family.

It’s English luxury in the modern sense and Edwardian elegance cohabiting. Described extremely well as a gloved elegance of white, the Connaught Hotel proudly represents all that is best in the traditions of English hospitality.

Too often, in the 21st century, beautiful old buildings with timeless and timeless elegance are frankly mutilated to accommodate a few more rooms in the name of modernization, when in reality they are cash flow. Hotel chains sacrifice class on the silver altar and hide it behind the outer shell of a beautiful building.

Not if the Connaught Hotel. Where there are modifications, they are made with subtlety, tact, and class, and more precisely, so that you would not realize it. Some things change, the Connaught Hotel stays constant and thank goodness.


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