4 ways to find the best hotels

If you have finally decided to go on vacation to an exotic place, you will have to find an assortment of hotels to compare. A hotel can make or break holidays and you want to start your holiday on a happy note. There is nothing more devastating than arriving at your hotel and feeling disappointed by the amount you spent on substandard accommodations.

1. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is the best way to find suitable hotels for you and your family. Hotels are only rated by those who have visited the hotel. Visitors can rate the hotel based on a set of criteria. The criteria are rooms, location, value, cleanliness, quality of sleep and service. Each criterion is judged on an ad hoc basis of 5. Five means unbelievable and one obviously means unsatisfactory. You can view individual reviews to find out what exactly each visitor has to say about the conditions, but there is also an aggregate review section. This will show you the average for each criterion received by the hotel.

2. Google

You can easily Google (for example) “Grenada Hotels” and have several websites to make your selection. It is essential that you check Google for negative reviews. Often, the worst sites reach the top of Google, whether or not the hotel is of good quality. Make sure the website contains photos of the accommodation and the exterior of the hotel. There should be an address on the list and check if there are activities nearby for your enjoyment.

3. Travel Forums

Ask and you will receive. If you go on the travel forums, you can ask where are the best boutique hotels and someone will probably have an answer to give you. Travel forums are always a great way to ask specific questions about the hotel. Some fantastic travel forums are the Lonely Planet Forums and Fodor’s Travel Talk. Both of these forums have travel experts who can answer all your questions.

4. Your travel agent

If you really have trouble deciding which hotels to visit, ask your travel agent. Travel agents want to ensure that their clients receive the best care possible, which will allow them to recommend a fantastic hotel for you.


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